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Official release on iTunes and any digital platform on the 2nd of June 2014

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Music - The Concept


Entitled POWER FOR THE FOOLS is made of 13 songs.
First release : Freedom Walk (lien sur You Tube).
Actual release : TOTEM (lien sur You Tube).

The story is an adventure, an inner quest, a road movie.

Dalian is about to take the ride of his life. Finding refuge in the middle of a clandestine and crowded rave party concealed in the heart of the Parisian catacombs, Dalian feels free from danger. He is ready for his narcotic trip, but instead falls into a coma as a result of an overdose.

By the time a medical team attends him, Dalian’s spirit is already flying towards the land of an ancient Native American community, guided by the voice of his dream guardian. Once there, he will be put to test, having to find the courage to confront himself and the will to survive. Consequently, he ends up gaining the respect of the community he has finally incorporated.

However, he must quickly return to his body: he is about to wake up from his coma.

Confined in a hospital room, thirsty, hungry, cold and on his own, Dalian has a painful awakening. Nonetheless, he feels at peace because he knows this is his opportunity to start a new life.


It’s the first time ever that a band decides that every song should be accompanied by a video clip, thus making the artistic project a complete one. Once fully completed, you will be able to watch the videos from song 1to 13 as a full movie.

“Enjoy “watching our music” as we fully enjoy conceiving, shooting and editing video clips.”


The drawing represents a tree of life. Carved in its roots are the faces of So Human’s band members and founders of the concept album Power for the Fools. The trunk takes the organic form of a faceless human being inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Man of Vitruve and Native American divinities. This entity incarnates Humanity, free to decide what to do with the ball of energy it carries in its hands : we have the power to do whatever we want to with our lives. We can create or distroy. The branches, spreading out in all directions, represent the possible paths of life and the different journeys the protagonist of the concept album takes. From these branches dangle 13 runes : the ones that are lit up represent the songs already released and the dark ones are those yet to come.


Along with music and videos, So Human will release a novel.

“We want to share with our listeners an insight into POWER FOR THE FOOLS, the story on which our concept album is based. The Novel will be available once the recording of all the songs of our album is completed.”


“We are So Human, a band based on a collective state of mind. We wish to fill up your head, just for a moment, with images, emotions and music. We care about making the listening experience even more intense by paying special attention to sound and effects. We aspire to make your musical journey a complete one.”

Joe Hubert, Alex Bart and Alex Barefeet met as teenagers. Their friendship started once they each picked up their musical instrument and played.

Together their creativity took off.

Gradually their music took shape, influenced by timeless rock bands such as Queen, the Doors, the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Police, Supertramp or Pink Floyd.


In 1995, both Alex Bart and Joe Hubert went to Los Angeles to study guitar and bass. Alex Barefeet, the drummer had to stay in Paris to complete his military service. They got back together a year later, built up a studio and recorded an entire concept album that wasn't released but that they regularly performed to the great joy of their audience.

Life went on, the three of them got married and went their own way. Ten years and six kids later, the need of playing music together again, added to the fans’ insistence to hear more form them triggered their reconciliation.

“We pursue a simple objective: to get together and create. The virtual world of Internet is not enough to quench our thirst for cooperation. No matter how long or how far apart, we manage to spend some time together to advance in our musical project. We inspire each other, feel and behave like craftsmen and our art nourishes our brotherhood.”

They had to bridge distances and defy geographic constraints between the US and Europe to carry on with their music. They decided to rebuild the songs of their former concept album in order to offer a more mature and up-to-date version, thanks to years of individual professional experience in the music industry.